Impractical Jokers

I’ve always been a rather avid TV fan, so I imagine many of my blog posts will be on this subject, and quite frequent. Impractical Jokers is a show that I had seen may adverts for over the last few years, it looked quite interesting but I never got round to actually watching a full episode. It was purely by accident that I watched a full episode for the first time, as I left the channel on after an episode of Friends. After an episode, I was hooked. So I watched another. And soon the show found itself on series link on my Sky+.

The premise of the show is fairly simple, four friends take on different embarrassing challenges and the other three try to make it as horrifying as they can for their friend e.g. saying the most embarrassing sentences to strangers or trying to steal peoples food in restaurants. If they can’t complete the task they get a loss and the friend with the most losses at the end of the show gets an extremely embarrassing forfeit, facing their known fears, posing as a life model etc.

The words ‘laugh out loud’ is used too often for comedies, but it fits this show like a glove. I often find myself crying at laughter and this show is right down my street.  I think I connect with the show as me and my friends like to wind each other up constantly, and I feel I am very similar with one of the characters, James Murray (who I think I will also look a lot like in 10 years). It’s not easy to put into words how funny this show is, and just how much I would recommend you watch it, but if you sit and watch one episode, you will want to watch a whole series, 8.5/10.


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