Chelsea’s Transfer Window

This time 12 months ago Chelsea fans were feeling rather on top of the world. Our transfer business was done extremely early, we filled the weak spots in the team (striker, creative midfielder) with Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas and also increased our depth throughout. Not only that but by early September we had a 100% in the league and were a few points ahead of our main rivals.

What a difference 12 months make.

This summer has been somewhat underwhelming for Chelsea fans, There have been some good purchases, both Pedro and Begovic look good value and if Falcao scores well he will be an absolute bargain but in general most Chelsea fans will agree 1-2 other signings were needed to match Manchester City’s depth throughout. In general we sold well, we got good money for both Luis and Cech, but too many youngsters who should be given their chance in the first time, were sent out on loan for the season.

The ongoing saga was the Stones transfer which did not ultimately go through, and on deadline day we made two questionable purchases of central defenders which seem quite panicky. Both were bought for £4 million or less, so if they work out would be bargains, but are a huge risk.

The season has started poorly and although I’m very confident we will acheive a top 2 finish, it’s fair to say it was a less than average transfer window for the Blues.


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