Doctor Who Series 9

It’s seemed like an incredibly long wait but finally all Whovians can rejoice because in 12 days time, the 9th series (or 35 including Classic Who) finally hits our screens after much anticipation. Series 8, although featuring some very good episodes, on the whole felt rather underwhelming to me. but this series I feel a lot more confident about.

One of the reasons for my confidence is that 10 of the 12 episodes this series will be in two parters, a concept that in the last 3 series has been non-existent. Most of the best episodes since Doctor Who was brought back 10 years ago have been two parters, but in recent years they have been removed to try and make each episode feel more like a short film. However, this means that many of the episodes in the last few series have felt rushed, and would have benefited from being two parters.

I do think that Peter Capaldi has the potential to be a brilliant doctor, but I felt in the last series he was given some poor scripts. I hope he is given some darker and more challenging stories this series as he definitely has the potential to ace them. This series promises the Daleks, more Missy, possibly Davros, and Maisie Williams who it looks like might be playing the Doctors granddaughter, Susan Foreman, which would be a brilliant move. All in all I am (quietly) confident for this series and feel it could be the best in a fair few years.

Here are the two trailers for the new series – and


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