NFL Week 1 Predictions

I am a big big NFL fan and I personally support the Giants, so each week I’ll be posting my predictions and see how many I get over the season.

Steelers @ Patriots – Can’t see an upset here but should be close – Patriots
Packers @ Bears – Another big Packers year, another tough Bears year – Packers
Chiefs @ Texans – Texans improved in the off season, Chiefs unconvincing – Texans
Browns @ Jets – Expect an improved Jets, Manziel a big question mark – Jets
Colts @ Bills – Bills solid, hard to beat, Luck will have to start with a bang – Bills
Dolphins @ Redskins – Redskins are a mess, early Dolphins win – Dolphins
Panthers @ Jaguars – Newton’s in my week 1 fantasy team – Panthers
Seahawks @ Rams – Rams to do well this year, Seahawks on a mission – Seahawks
Saints @ Cardinals – Tough to call, fancy a small upset in this one – Saints
Lions @ Chargers – Another tough to call, fancy San Diego to edge it – Chargers
Titans @ Buccaneers – Buccaneers not improved much, Titans developing – Titans
Bengals @ Raiders – Raiders will win more this year, but not on week 1 – Bengals
Ravens @ Broncos – Home advantage edges this one for me – Broncos
Giants @ Cowboys – Will be close, picked the Giants as they’re my team – Giants
Eagles @ Falcons – Eagles should do well under Kelly, Falcons hit and miss – Eagles
Vikings @ 49ers – 49ers to improve under Tomsula but early Vikings win – Vikings

Check back next week to see how many I got plus Week 2 predictions.


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