The Humans Review

After reading Reasons to Stay Alive and being incredibly impressed with Matt Haig’s writing, I thought I would buy and try some of his fictional pieces of work. His most critically acclaimed book is The Humans, so I thought it would be best to start here.

In short it is a book about a mathematician who solves the Riemann Hypothesis; however an alien race believes that humans are not yet ready to have this kind of information, so they kill him and replace him with one of their own to eliminate any proof. Sound a bit silly? It’s really not. It’s another beautiful, funny, smart, insightful book that deals with many subjects: what it’s like to be a human, love, death, depression, and even what a dog might be thinking…

It’s a book rather split in two. One part focuses on the mistakes of the human race and what we’ve done wrong (most things) and the other part focusing on how in our own quirky, messed up way we’re not so bad after all. It’s a clever book too. The way he tells the story of an alien adjusting to human life is so brilliantly witty: adjusting to clothes, speech, food, even infidelity. The plot is also rather good, albeit for a slightly underwhelming ending, and both the characters and relationships feel real and well thought out. The idea of the alien being a better husband and father than the man is a nice twist and leaving the happy (it’s assumed) ending to the last page keeps the reader hooked until the very end.

With most Matt Haig books there’s some quirky writing styles, some very short chapters and pages dedicated to alien conversations; but in my mind that only improves the book. I would highly recommend this book to others and once the plot thickens I dare you to try and put it down… 8.5/10.


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