NFL Week 9 Predictions

I finished Week 8 with a score of 9/14 correct meaning that my total is now 75 correct and 44 wrong. Here are my predictions for Week 9 of the season.

Browns @ Bengals – Bengals go 8-0 and wrap up the AFC North – Bengals
Dolphins @ Bills – Bills and Tyrod Taylor fresh off a bye take a win – Bills
Packers @ Panthers – Packers offense struggling, Cam goes 8-0 – Panthers
Jaguars @ Jets – Ivory will go over 100 yards and two touchdowns – Jets
Rams @ Vikings – Two form teams, Gurley v Peterson! Vikings win – Vikings
Redskins @ Patriots – Only one winner here… and it’s not Cousins – Patriots
Titans @ Saints – Saints on a big run of form and it’ll continue here – Saints
Raiders @ Steelers – Raiders on form but Big Ben gets the big win – Steelers
Giants @ Buccanneers – Giants to move 5-4 and top the NFC East – Giants
Falcons @ 49ers – Jones and Freeman to combine for 3 big TD’s – Falcons
Broncos @ Colts – Denvers defense is unreal, will gobble up Luck – Broncos
Eagles @ Cowboys – Hope Cowboys win to help out the Giants – Cowboys
Bears @ Chargers – Chargers seem to find a way to lose each week – Bears


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