The Zygon Invasion Review

After last weeks ‘Next Time’ trailer I was very much looking forward to this episode and it really didn’t disappoint. From the moment the three Doctors appeared on the screen in the first few seconds I was hooked and the episode was for the most part, rather faultless.

It was great to have the Zygons back, and even better to have the 50th storyline come full circle as I felt at the time it was all quite open ended with the ‘peace treaty’. Osgood was back as well! Although I don’t see the big hype about her like others do, I do think she’s a decent character and I think most people remembered there was two of her when she ‘died’ last series at the hands of Missy. Others characters did disappoint in my view, Kate Stewart seemed bored all the way through and I can’t warm to this Jac character, but many of the lesser roles were well cast, Rebecca Front to name one.

The story was essentially about some younger rogue Zygons who don’t want to pose as humans anymore, and plan to take over the world. Simple enough but there were plenty of real world connotations in the story. The training camps etc in middle eastern countries and the idea of radicalisation were shoutouts to the current Syrian crisis as well as ISIS and posed the ideas of how bombing the radicalised lot may set the others off. The main characters were split up across the world and each looked to have ‘met their fate’ by the end of the episode, although obviously we know this is unlikely to be the case. And once again the word ‘hybrid’ was used this series, a shoutout to the ‘hybrid’ the Doctor supposedly ran from all those years ago…

The big question, How did we not realise Clara had been taken over by a Zygon?! Watching the episode a second time I was able to see all of the little hints, showing how well thought out the idea and reveal was. Some parts of the episode did bug me a little, where was ‘other Osgood’ last series?, why have the Zygons suddenly changed how they deal with enemies?, and why did Kate seem so bored? The episode was slow in places, but I’m sure that’s just to build more for next week and overall the episode was very pleasing, possibly up there competing with the Witches Familiar for best of the series. 8/10


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