The Zygon Inversion *Spoilers*

I said last week that the Zygon Invasion was good, but needed a strong second parter to be great, and this second parter really let it down. From start to finish it was a no from me; it felt lazy, rushed and messy all over, a low point of the series so far.

To start the episode the cliffhanger was poorly resolved. The whole Clara in a reverse house felt stupid and the shaking of the TV to deflect the missile was utterly ridiculous. This allowed the Doctor and Osgood to escape by parachute and find a way back to London and Unit HQ. One of the shining moments of the episode was the Doctor/Osgood partnership throughout, and I for one would be happy to see them travelling in the TARDIS together next series.

Most of the middle parts of the episode felt rather pointless; Bonnie unmasked a Zygon in public (which we heard no more about after it was featured on the news) and Kate did a lot of pointless stuff just like the last episode. The Clara/Bonnie interactions were well thought out and worked, and it was a clever way to get all the main characters back together in the same place. So the scene was set: Kate, the Doctor, Clara, Bonnie and Osgood in the black archive with the Osgood boxes discussing the fate of the world.

Firstly, I liked the idea of 2 different Osgood boxes but the two buttons in each pushed it a little bit too far. Four different scenarios was probably too much for most of the audience to handle and the whole ‘Truth or Consequences’ idea was wearing incredibly thin by this point. I still don’t really understand what the Truth or Consequences was meant to mean…

The next few minutes was probably the best part of the episode and all the characters involved shone brightly. Peter Capaldi’s speech about war was epic and he had another brilliant episode, Jenna Coleman gave a decent performance as Bonnie and even Kate Stewart threw in some great lines. However, I truly hated the ending to the episode, the constant wiping of the minds and nothing being in the boxes felt ridiculously stupid, it was a sour taste left in the mouth at the end. Onto Mark Gatiss’s episode – 6/10.


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