Sleep No More *Spoilers*

I think this week’s episode was the ultimate marmite episode, some seemed to hate it and some really enjoyed it. I was kind of stuck in the middle but edging onto the side of enjoying it. It was new, refreshing, flawed in places but an enjoyable 45 minutes of television.

The found footage idea was an interesting concept and for the most part it did work; obviously there were camera angles that weren’t from a person’s perspective, but this was nicely explained later in the footage. Very cleverly done actually. Because of the lack of flow to some scenes the characters were never able to develop and the viewers couldn’t warm to then, but the story didn’t particularly need that. I wasn’t a big fan of the villain behind the monsters, his character seemed a bit weird and the whole process wasn’t too thought out.

The whole concept behind the monsters, the Sandmen, I liked. Doctor Who likes to put fear into everyday concepts and it did it well here with sleep and sleep dust; but the Sandmen looked quite amateurish and rather silly. Maybe this episode had a lot less of a budget… The Doctor I felt was on form once again and I even quite enjoyed Clara this time around, or maybe that’s just because I know she’s close to leaving. The script was lacking in places, and some of the humour fell flat, but overall I thought it was an experiment that worked. And I was happy to see that for once the evil won and the Doctor lost!

Next weeks trailer looks interesting, a cyberman, Maisie Williams back again and the start of Clara’s slow departure. But please god let the Raven be a shape-shifter and not an actual evil Raven!! 7.5/10


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