Face the Raven *Spoilers*

Well, well, well. Absolutely brilliant! I honestly was a bit worried about this episode, the idea of a raven being a villain seemed silly and knowing that Clara was leaving I thought everything might end up being too rushed. Luckily I was wrong.

The episode was fast paced from the start and it didn’t stop until the end. I enjoyed Rigsy being back, and the Doctor being around his baby was a sweet little moment to remind the viewers of how kind he can be before his angry turn later on. The concept of the hidden streets was interesting and worked well, although it’s kind of surprising that the Doctor would have never found one before. Seeing the range of past aliens was good fun for long term Whovians and I liked how all of them get on in peace. I had mixed feelings on seeing Ashildir again, I think the character overall has been poorly written and is already becoming quite boring.

Back to the story, for some reason Ashildir had to frame Rigsy for murder to get the Doctor to her rather than ask him, but the idea of him being summoned (clearly to the Time Lords – spoiler for the finale) was a good move, especially because of Clara’s exit. Right to Clara’s exit, I really enjoyed it. Clara’s arrogance was in the end what killed her, and the exit was very emotional. Murray Gold’s music was brilliant again and Capaldi nailed it once again, the scary ‘Malcom Tucker’ style Doctor sent chills down my spine.

Onto next week, the finale, and I wonder if that’s the Hybrid after him… We know its the Shade that wanted him but we also know the final episode is set on Gallifrey… so plenty of answers still needed. 9/10


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