Heaven Sent *Spoilers*

From the trailer I didn’t really know what to expect from the first part of the finale; and I think I was more interested in how this episode was going to take us to Gallifrey, which we all knew was the setting for the final episode. In short this episode didn’t disappoint, in fact it very much exceeded my expectations. Huge credit should be given to both director Rachel Talalay and Peter Capaldi, both excelled themselves this week.

The story started off with someone pulling a lever just before dying so that the Doctor was able to arrive at the building. Back to this problem later…

Most of the first half of the episode was the Doctor exploring the place, finding some clues and dodging the monster following him around. I very much enjoyed the monster, thought it was a good idea and from early on it was obvious the Timelords were behind this place, this trap. The idea of having to confess to the creature also worked well, obviously the Timelords wanted to know where this ‘hybrid’ was. Capaldi’s monologues, self chatter throughout the episode was well wrote and well voiced, kudos to Moffat for this episode. Some of the middle parts of the episode were rather forgettable, and it wasn’t til the Doctor realised how long he had been here that the episode really got going.

Yes it turns out the man who died at the beginning… was the Doctor. And he was in a loop of arriving, trying to break through a wall of substance harder than diamond to get to the Tardis, or what we thought was the Tardis…

After roughly 2 billion years of going through this loop, the Doctor managed to break through the wall and it turns out he was inside his confession dial all along, and he was now back on Gallifrey to confront the Timelords, and it turns out that he was the hybrid all along (not so sure though). I did have a few tiny problems with the episode, most notably the bootstrap paradox because the first time round the Doctor wouldn’t have been there to burn himself so that the next Doctor could arrive…

But overall I think this episode was brilliant and will be looked back at in the future as a classic! One character, one villain in one building shouldn’t work, but it worked perfectly and next week’s finale looks incredible! 9/10



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