Hell Bent *Spoilers*

Moffat, a man I love to hate, or just hate, is probably the king of disappointments. Many of these disappointments tend to be in his finales. He always builds up the series well but lacks the finale instinct. This weeks finale was the same.

I didn’t completely hate the episode. In my opinion there have been worse; the series 6 finale springing to mind immediately. Series 7 finale as well come to think of it. But this was another disappointment in what is just becoming a vicious cycle for Doctor Who and Moffat.

The story started with the Doctor stumbling into the diner from the Impossible Astronaut where Clara was now working, and we were led to believe that Clara had forgotten the Doctor. Although of course we found out later that it was the other way around, and the Doctor was simply trying to find ‘his Clara’. But more on that later.

Back to Gallifrey, possibly the biggest disappointment in the episode. The Doctor had been searching for his home planet for so long, he had gone the long way round and he was going to wreak havoc. Except that he didn’t. And he didn’t even stay long and didn’t do much there and the return of the most fearsome planet in the universe was well pointless. For a race that’s meant to be so corrupt, so evil, they really were shown to have no power in the episode. Rassilon was weak and Timothy Dalton played him so much better back in 2010; the decent general was shot down and regenerated, and the high council were exiled with no fight. And the biggest Moffat clanger… He didn’t even bother to explain how the planet had unfroze!

Right. Now my biggest issue.

Clara. Oh Clara. Possibly the character I’ve hated the most. I was over the moon when she finally croaked it the other week but of course this is Moffat. And he loves Clara. She lives (well not quite but basically so). The Doctor was able to use a time lord extraction chamber to reach into her time stream before she died and pull her out. Yes she will have to go back and die eventually, but don’t we all. She is now free for as long as she wants. She could technically never go back until the end of the universe. Spin off show alert, oh dear. Oh and together they also stole a brand new Tardis, flew away together and met up with Ashildir (Me). Of course…

The Doctor couldn’t cope with the fact that he couldn’t completely save her so he decided to wipe her memory to keep her safe (stealing the Donna idea). But Clara didn’t want that, she wanted to go back and die. We agreed on something. So she reversed the polarity and the Doctor lost all his memories about Clara. And so we’re back in the diner and Clara flies off in her diner Tardis with Ashildir leaving the Doctor back with his Tardis. Happy endings all round. Apart from mine. So now basically Clara and Ashildir get to fly around in their own Tardis forever, not a fan of that.

Some other quick points – both positive and negative. What was the point of the sisterhood of Karn? What was the point of Ashildir? The sliders were a bit silly, Moffat always has to stick a Dalek in, Capaldi was excellent again, Jenna Coleman was good, and brilliant to see an original Tardis! 6/10 

P.S. How crap does the Christmas special look!


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