Time to be an Opposition

I realised this morning I haven’t posted anything in quite a while, so here’s a subject now quite close to my heart. Over the past year or so I have really took into politics, self taught along the way, and now like to think of myself as being quite knowledgeable in the area. I’m a Labour supporter, think of myself as centre-left, or soft left, and will fight current issues as much as I can.

You don’t have to be very knowledgeable in the area to know that we have a very incompetent Tory government right now; you don’t even have to be left wing to know this. Even some of the right know and believe this fact. They are failing on all counts: they are killing the NHS, they are failing in Europe, they are failing with housing, poverty is rising, homelessness is rising, the poor are getting poorer, debt is rising, borrowing is rising, and everyone knows this. This is a government that believe a £450,000 home is affordable for first time buyers, they believe privatising anything they can is a good thing, and basically are vile on most counts. So it begs the question why were they elected once again in May? and why do people still see them as a better option to Labour?

Because there’s no opposition. And having 90% of the media on your side also helps. But yeah the opposition thing. Firstly back in May Ed Miliband was subject to a barrage of slander from the media and Labour never really had a plan. One of the biggest people perceptions of Labour is that they can’t handle the economy, because of some badly timed mistakes the past government made. Obviously Labour weren’t completely to blame for the crisis, but the stance Miliband & co took on the situation by apologising made it look like all our fault. Which of course means we won’t be trusted, especially because of the mess the economy is in right now, because of five years of Tory government.

Another issue was that Labour didn’t spend enough time appealing to their core area. They focused so hard on London, on the middle class, mainly central people that they abandoned their roots. And a lot of these people went towards SNP and even UKIP. Because as much as I disagree with their stances, they knew their demographic and they went for it. They very much succeeded in taking Labour votes all across the country, especially in Scotland, and this coupled with Lib Dem voters turning Tory ultimately swung to a Tory majority. The fateful Tory majority.

Lets spring to now, and the past couple of months. I personally didn’t vote for Corbyn, but I believe you get behind your leader and get behind your party. I share probably about 90% of views with Corbyn, I think he’s brilliant at what he does and he’s done a lot right since being leader. I think he’s pretty much destroyed Cameron each week on PMQs, unfortunately an incredibly small percentage of the electorate would watch this. But mostly his leadership has been a mess so far, and it’s allowed for the worst government since Thatcher’s to carry on their reign of terror. Instead of taking the fight to the Tories and pointing out every single flaw to the electorate, we are subject to infighting from the Labour cliques, ridiculous reshuffles and daily Trident/NATO talk. We’re apparently back in the 70’s.

When Labour does unite, and attack the Tories, we can do great things. We stopped tax credits, we’ve introduced the fight to renationalise the railways and we’re fighting them on the housing crisis. But Labour has this problem of media management, we’re failing highly. Jeremy’s speech at the Fabian conference speech was what we all hoped for from his leadership. He talked about universal childcare, integrating health and social care, a living wage, a huge housebuilding programme, and democratising energy companies, it was a breath of fresh air. Labour needs more of this, it needs to unite and get ready for a huge build up to 2020. It’s time to be an opposition.


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