Labour: The incompetent party!

I’m very much almost at the end of my absolute tether when it comes to the mess that is the Labour Party. I mean there’s been a lot to get frustrated, angry, and dismayed about. Not just with personal politics; the lefts, moderates etc, but also with the complete and utter incompetence of it all. The incompetence of the leader, the party itself, and some of the members who cannot see what is right in front of their very eyes.

If there is one area where you have to admire the Tories, it’s their will to win, because they know it’s their only way of implementing their ideology. Unfortunately we currently have a leader, and a new member base, that is more interested in becoming a protest group than actually winning elections. Corbyn knows he can’t win an election. Only 13% believe Corbyn is a strong leader, only 15% trust Corbyn and McDonnell with the economy, 39% believe he’s incompetent, and he even has negative approval ratings among Scottish Labour voters.

If Corbyn cared about winning he would have resigned after the vote of no confidence. If he cared about staying in the EU he would have rallied back then like he is now. Instead we have a leader who has tolerated the rife anti-Semitism on the left, conducted hostile lists and embarrassing reshuffles, embarrassed us with his rebuttals of the mainstream media, and even Heidi Alexander had to stage a sit-in outside his office to get an answer about NHS policy.

But do you know what started this? What brought us this incompetent leader? Well it was the incompetent Labour Party. A Labour Party that allows mass entryism into their leadership supports, came up with this ridiculous ‘registered supporters’ concept, and has rules so lax that the courts were able to quite simply overturn them. Although we can’t be 100% sure, without the mass entryism and registered supporters it is likely Corbyn would not have won, and he would definitely not win this upcoming contest without it.

Of course it is extremely likely that he will now win the leadership contest. We will continue to have an incompetent leader, we will continue to fade into irrelevance, and we will get pummeled next year in a likely snap election. Most studies predict that under Corbyn Labour could lose 40-70 seats, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the number was higher. And that would mean Tory rule for probably at least the next 10 years.

But the incompetence doesn’t even stop here. Arguably the incompetence, arrogance, and a lot of stupidity has been from Corbyn’s base, his ‘fans’, and the likes of McDonnell. McDonnell wants unity but then calls MPs “f*cking useless”, a brick was thrown through Angela Eagle’s constituency office, talks of MP reselection, sexism, anti-Semitism, the use of the word ‘Blairite’ to anyone who questions Corbyn, and the constant conspiracy theories which are just pathetic.

His backers like to talk about membership numbers. They like to talk about rally sizes. We had huge member numbers under Foot, and we had an electoral disaster. Michael Foot also attracted huge rallies. Labour members make up about 0.5% of the UK population, and the rallies a ridiculous amount less. As Abby Tomlinson points out; “do you know who have literally zero rallies? The Tories. Do you know who keep winning elections? Also the Tories.”

Corbyn and his backers also constantly attack the MSM, and say they prefer to use Social Media. I know, ridiculous right? They all say the MSM are against them. Only a relatively tiny proportion of the population use Twitter, and the main majority watch the news. And even today the JeremyCorbyn4PM Twitter page tweeted that Corbyn being 11/2 to be the next PM is a victory, to which Ladbrokes pointed out that it’s totally shit odds for a leader of the opposition. Listening and reading what they have to say is frankly becoming awkward.

The Tories, known for being the ‘nasty’ party are now laughing at us. That is where this incompetence has now brought us to.

So where does the Labour Party go from here? How do we stop this incompetence? Now firstly, Corbyn of course needs to step down. A party leader should have the confidence of both MPs and members – not just one of these groups. He has the worst personal ratings of any opposition leader in living memory, Labour’s been behind in the polls since he took over, and in May we had the worst local election results of any opposition party in 40 years.

But as pointed out by Alex Moore, if he steps down it would likely bring outrage and disillusionment among many of the younger Labour members. Many may lose faith, and the worst case scenario is that it could bring a split within the party. Yes winning back the ‘social conservatives’ and swing voters is the priority, but we need the young Labour base as well.

His backers need to realise social media and a few thousand people at a rally is not any sort of triumph. They need to realise that he isn’t performing, and that he is leading us to oblivion. Labour is stuck in a vacuum of incompetence, and a spiral of decline. The only way that it can begin to be turned around is to elect Owen Smith democratically, and get back to fighting the issues of the electorate, not of the membership.


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