Halloween is no treat!

I hate Halloween! There, I said it. It’s probably my least favourite day of the year, and the time of year I least look forward to. It’s quite odd that I hate it, because the day itself is filled with many individual aspects that I quite enjoy. I do like to, on occasion, dress up. I also, on occasion, not too often, like to have some sweets.

I can see why it’s a good day for children, and I generally think the idea of trick and treating can be fun. It’s not an activity that I ever took part in, but I know that most kids love it, and get a genuine thrill of it. I think it’s nice that kids can dress up, go out with their mates, and get plenty of chocolate and sweets to keep them occupied for the next week or so. What I can’t stand about Halloween, is everything else.

I cannot stand every TV program suddenly having a Halloween themed episode. I cannot stand how people use it as an excuse to have more fireworks. I cannot stand how the day is used as just another excuse to get drunk in ridiculous costumes. It is one of many days in the calendar that are now unnecessarily hyped, and over-celebrated for no particular reason.

What does the Halloween factor actually add to a night out? It’s basically just a fancy-dress party. I’m sure I’m once again in the minority, and many do enjoy it. But if you went to a fancy-dress night at a club on any other weekend of the year, would you enjoy it less? No, you wouldn’t. It’s a day that just adds nothing to the calendar, and should only be used for trick and treating.


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