Labour’s lack of winning attitude

Over the past 12-18 months, there have been tens of thousands of articles, blogs, and thought pieces into Labour’s problems, and how they can get back into power. Looking at the events and the decisions made by the party in that time, I have come across a pattern in the party’s behaviour, something that will keep the party out of power forever.

The Labour Party, and many of its members, don’t have a winning attitude! We’re a party that seems to be so defeatist, and scared of being in power. This is the complete opposite to the Conservatives, a party who value winning and power above anything else. The Tories have always been a party with huge rifts, especially on issues such as the European Union. The referendum had split the Tories in half; and they were there for the taking. But the Labour Party under Corbyn once again could not capitalise, as they had huge rifts of their own over the leadership of the party.

Both parties were in chaos after the referendum, and both parties announced leadership contests. However only one party put aside their conflicts to focus on power, and that party now holds a 10-15% lead in the polls…

The Labour Party currently has a leader who doesn’t seem to want to win. Since the leadership contest he has once again disappeared from the limelight, and in key situations is nowhere to be found for comments and press releases. Lately many Labour MPs have also called for PR (proportional representation) to be introduced rather than the current First-past-the-post system. Firstly, this would put us no closer to being in power. And secondly, there’s a reason why typically only small parties like the Greens and UKIP call for such a voting system. It’s a defeatist system.

You would never see the Tories calling for PR. And you would never have seen the Labour Party of 10 years ago calling for its introduction. You cannot as a political party implement your policies and philosophies unless you are in power, and you cannot achieve anything from the opposition benches. New Labour won 3 elections in a row, and along the way also managed to implement many brilliant policies which made the country a better place.

Many on the left talk about how you must abandon your morality to gain power, but New Labour proved this wasn’t true. You just need to be electable. All levels of the Labour Party are making decisions that do the opposite. Heading to protests, wanting PR, one person one vote for all decisions, these are all decisions that are defeatist. You don’t have to be an elite, establishment, or on the right to want power and value winning. When you win power, you can make your decisions, and implement socialist policies. And Labour is heading in the wrong direction.


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