An ode to 2016 – and looking to the future

This year has been a rather odd one for me, and this is a much harder piece to write than my review at this point last year. 2016 for the world in particular, has been ghastly. I don’t accept the many pieces I’ve seen the past few weeks telling us this year “hasn’t all been bad”. They tell us to look at the bright side, focus on the few positives we have experienced e.g. a Labour mayor in London, a left-wing victory in Austria. But that would simply be brushing over the atrocities of the year.

No I don’t mean the Celebrity deaths. I mean the rise of fascism we have seen this year here in the UK and abroad. Brexit, the killing of Jo Cox, Trump’s victory, Le Pen’s gains in the polls, how close the Austria result was. The list goes on. And 2017 looks to be even bleaker. Trump’s inauguration, the triggering of Article 50, multiple European elections where fascists are in with a chance, and Labour looks to be dead in the water under the hapless Corbyn.

Now in terms of my own life, 2016 has been a lot more positive. Even though the long-term relationship I was in came to an end a few months ago, a lot of good things have happened. I graduated from University with a first-class degree, I found a decent job working in Data Services, and to top it all off I now have my own flat where I can live in my own organised, spotless, heaven.

Of course, I still have the daily struggles I’ve always dealt with. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with my depression and anxiety throughout the year, and have had relapses. Many will of course believe that because I’ve had a decent year I should fill better, but of course that’s not how depression works. The daily struggles of certain situations have simply been replaced with the daily struggles of new situations, and it’s something I know I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my life, and I accept that.

Into the new year, I have many plans, many existing and new projects to work on. Of course, fitting these in around a full-time job and looking after a flat isn’t easy, but it’s just a new challenge. I hope to start posting here more regularly once again, and I hope that I can keep control of the struggles and problems my mental illness brings. In contrast to the world’s prospects in 2017, I’m quite confident in my own for the year, and am keen to find out what is yet to come.


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