Amen to A.Ms

Today I got up very early, I always do on a Saturday. I’m a pretty early bird in general, I never could lie in. To me, 8am is considered as a lie in. I’ve always been that way; I remember when I was young, like 7 or 8, my parents put a ban on me getting out of bed and heading downstairs before 8am. Even in my teenage years, where we’re stereotypically known for being unable to prize ourselves away from our duvets, I’ve always been up and about early.

Whether it’s to go for a run, go do the weekly food shopping, or work on some projects, I need to be up and doing something at the weekend. Surprisingly, my mental health problems have only heightened this. Generally, depression and anxiety tend to make it harder to get out of bed, but even though I find it much more difficult to get out of the flat and out and about, I find it easier to get out of bed, particularly to distract myself. I guess it’s about keeping myself busy, always having something to do, and trying to push myself further. And yes, I am going to say it, mornings are great!

I guess it’s about keeping myself busy, always having something to do, and trying to push myself further. And yes, I am going to say it, mornings are great! Mornings, I believe, are when we can be most productive, and they must be utilised. Mornings are when the distractions around us are less common, our brains are most active, and more gets done! So, the important question is, how can we all get the most out of our mornings, especially at the weekend?

Have a proper breakfast! Your brain and your body both need fuel, and it gives you the energy to make a great start to the day. Breakfast to lunch can be a long gap, so also feel free to have snacks (preferably healthy) to keep you going.

Draw up some lists! It can be easy to get overawed, so don’t make them too big – underestimate to over deliver! On your lists break up your tasks into manageable chunks, clear steps that will help you to reach your goal, and they will be completed, and scrubbed off even quicker. For each task also put a time in for when it should be done, as meeting this will help morale.

Relax more throughout the rest of the day! If you have a productive morning then you can enjoy the rest of the day more. Go out in the evening, meet some friends, go for some drinks, all the while knowing that you got all the important stuff out of the way that morning.

Caffeine is your friend! Don’t go overboard, but a couple of teas or coffees throughout the morning can make all the difference. Unless you go to sleep early you’re likely to feel quite tired the first few mornings so a boost will go a long way.

Life is short. We hear it all the time, but it really is. Don’t waste your mornings in bed, get up and attack the day. Get the housework done, the shopping done, any coursework or work tasks completed, and you’ll feel all the better for it.


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