A Year in Review

What a year it’s been – both for me, and this blog. When asked to describe 2017, people will think Brexit and the election, and despite watching the news in horror for most of the year, this has at least been good for my blog. I definitely haven’t had a shortage of items to write about. At the start of the year, I set myself the challenge of posting a piece a week, and I’ve kept to that without it (in my opinion) being detrimental to the quality.

So, what’s happened this year in my personal life? Not much to be honest. After the host of changes in 2016 which included graduating, new job, moving into my own flat, 2017 has been quiet. I’ve had a good year at work where I’ve had a raise, took on some side projects, and feel I’m getting closer to a promotion. Outside of work I’ve been involved in a lot of my own projects which I’m excited for, but currently I, unfortunately, do not have the time to knuckle down on them as much as I’d like.

2017 is also a year where my mental health has been relatively kind to me. Bar some low points in the autumn I’ve been fairly in control throughout the year, and I hope that can continue into the new year. One disappointment personally is that I am still very single. I obviously do not want to rush into a relationship for the sake of it, but I have been single for a long time now and am extremely sick of it. So, what are some of my highlights of the year…

Things I’ve enjoyed watching in 2017:

  • Doctor Who – this series really was a step up from the last few years.
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi – it really was superb.
  • Rain Man – great film.
  • Blue Planet – I don’t think anyone didn’t enjoy this show.

Things I’ve enjoyed reading in 2017:

  • The Blair Years: The Alistair Campbell Diaries – a great insight.
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four – can’t believe it took me this long to read it.
  • What Happened – insightful, and despite what others said, I don’t believe Hilary tries to pass the buck.
  • Speaking Out – Ed Balls continues to inspire me.
  • Nomad – Coogan shows Partridge doesn’t just excel on screen.

Things I’ve enjoyed listening to in 2017:

  • Selena Gomez – back releasing some absolute tunes.
  • Reasons to be Cheerful – Ed Miliband rambling on for hours, what more could you want to listen to?
  • TMS – with the Ashes being on BT I’ve started to enjoy this.

Before I consider the future, here are some of my favourite pieces I wrote within the past year, please check them out and give them a read.

Labours London Problem – I wrote about how Labour needs to make sure it doesn’t turn into solely a London party and must look outside the capital.

Depression and Me – I shared my story about my depression, how its affected me these past few years, and how I’ve learnt to cope.

Friends Episodes: Worst to Best! – Yes, for a bit of fun I decided to rank all the episodes…

The Self-Righteous Stain Across the Left – On the eve of Macron’s victory I looked at the traits linking Melenchon, Corbyn, and Sanders supporters.

Time to Think the Unthinkable? – In June I looked ahead to the election, and like most election prediction pieces it didn’t age well.

Still a Long Long Way to Go! – However, a week later I highlighted why there’s still a long way to go for both Labour and Corbyn.

Abolishing Tuition Fees is Wrong, But Wise for Corbyn and Labour – I very much stand by this piece.

Generation Anxiety – I reflected on why anxiety is rife among young people.

New Labour: Because Blair Deserves Better – again, I stand by this piece.

No ‘Bregret’ Just Yet – In October I highlighted why Brexit polling wasn’t as simple as it looked.

The Issue of Graduate Depression – a piece very important to me.

Towns are Corbyn’s Key to No 10 – on why Labour needs to look past the cities.

Don’t Hold Your Breath on Another Snap Election – I look ahead to 2018 in politics and tell you all why there will be no election.

So, into 2018 we go, and what are my hopes and plans? In terms of work, I hope I get that promotion I feel that I am close too. I plan and hope to be able to allocate more time to my personal projects at home, of which I hope can be launched in 2018 – more news on this later. I hope my mental health continues to not trouble me too much like the past 12 months, that my anti-depressants continue to do their job, and that my low points are not so low. I really do hope that I find someone this year, as I do often get very lonely. I hope that I can continue to write as well as I have this year – although there will be fewer posts – and I hope to finally be able to really throw myself into life, socialise more, see more, and do more in the community.


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